Is terrorism the politics of the oppressed?

How terrorism is labelled and by whom impacts the nature of terrorist violance observed in the world. This article seeks to explore the implications of the label "terrorist", and illuminate a possible causal relationship with the acts it seeks to identify. Western frameworks for understanding terror, as being normative products of hegemonic powers, are narrow in their applicability and constrict comprehensive conceptions of terror ontology. Thus, in this essay, I seek to expand upon Western terror epistemology by exploring the political grievances that often precede acts of terror, and ultimately question the utility of the label "terrorist" on acts which are often the products of historical grievances. It should be noted that this essay is not a defence of terror, but an attempt to add more political nuance to terror theory which could thus yield more fruitful strategies of violence mitigation in the international arena.

Pitch 2019: Worth the Hype

Pitch Music & Arts 2019 lived up to my expectations in almost every respect. The days were delightfully temperate, the crowd a welcoming and creative bunch, and most importantly, the music kept its promise of big, buzzing techno beats. Despite arriving late on Friday night, my crew still managed to nab a good spot in the camping area. This, in my opinion, is one of the stand out things about Pitch. The festival only sold 8000 tickets this year (they sold 10,000 in 2018), which meant a lux

Disposable - Humans in the Age of Plastic

“Plastic is necessary, only because of the kinds of lives we lead” - Dr Melissa Neave. Last week we celebrated a birthday at work. Routinely, my supervisor purchased a cake, some candles, and a pack of plastic plates. We sang the song, my coworker blew out the candles and the cake was cut. Plastic plate in hand, one-by-one everyone grabbed their share and retreated back to their respective computer caves. Within the hour, like clockwork, the plates were discarded with little to no afterthought.

Sold: Abbotsford's Carringbush Hotel Has New Owners

Late last year historic Abbotsford pub The Carringbush Hotel was put up for sale. The pub dates back to the late 1800s and has been a favourite of Collingwood Football Club supporters. Now Broadsheet can reveal the pub’s new owners. “The Bush” has fallen into hands of Joel Morrison, Liam Matthews and Singa Unlayiti, who also own live-music venue The Old Bar in Fitzroy. “It was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Morrison tells Broadsheet. “It was a chance to open up a really good pub in Abbo

Brunswick’s Howler Is Safe … For Now

Fans of one of Brunswick’s most popular live-music venues, Howler, can breathe a little easier for now. Moreland City Council officially rejected a proposal for a neighbouring apartment block at Thursday night’s council meeting. The development proposed by Brunswick Holdings includes plans for apartments at 8–14 Michael Street, directly behind the stage wall of Howler’s band room. Designed by SJB Architects, the eight-storey complex would be comprised of 74 residences, two underground. Since i

Party Drugs: Who's Really Paying the Ultimate Price?

Party drugs like ecstasy, ketamine and cocaine find their way into the pockets of festival, concert and couch-session attendees, making them as common as a can of warm beer in an Aussie summer. Hipsters, uni-students and full-timers all enjoy the occasional line, but most rarely think about the history of the drug further than their dealer’s back pocket. Unfortunately, though, the popularity of recreational drugs is mirrored by human rights abuse, health crises and social instability in their c